Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Manchurian Nominee

Investigative reporter Matt Drudge today filed his most sensational exposé yet. On issues affecting the family, Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers is a liberal.

So, what the fuck is going on with President George W. Bush?

For more than a decade Christian Conservatives showered Mr. Bush with millions of dollars worth of prayers, expecting nothing in return but this one Supreme Court seat.
Why would he then turn around and nominate a pro-sodomy condom pusher?

I'll give you a hint. The answer starts with a "First" and ends with a "Bush." As in:





There's more to her than meets the eye.

I've long suspected this.

I've written about it before.

Now I know.

Now we all know.

Her husband's latest mischief proves it.

Her ultimate goal? Unknown.

Her ideology? Pro-feminist, pro-UN. You might say she never met a liberal value she didn't like.

Her tactic? To move the President of the United States to the left through emotional, psychological and sexual means.

That's how liberals operate. They use sex to get what they want. Coitus, fellatio, cunnilingus, anal penetration--anything goes, as long as it advances their agenda. And too many of us are foolish enough to fall for it.

For far too long we decent Americans have averted our eyes from the sex shenanigans coming out of Hollywood, New York, and now--shamefully--the master bedroom of the White House.


And guess who pays to have the sheets cleaned.

So what can fed-up Americans do?

This time, nothing.

It's all up to the President.

Mr. Bush must free himself and his country from the First Lady's carnal influence. He's got to erect a wall between her ugly manipulations and his beautiful mind.

One ray of hope: if he succeeds, it won't be the first time. We all know he managed to pull it off before, and we all know how he did it, how he can do it.

For the sake of his country; for the sake of his God; for the sake of his and everyone's future...

This President has got to start drinking again.


Anonymous said...

Wow...that is most one of the most ignorant, uninformed, and down right ridiculous articles I've ever read. And where exactly did you get information about her manipulative ways? Where you in their bedroom as she tempted President Bush's opinion with her ever-so pursuasive anal temptations? Your arguement seems almost as empty as your motive. Slander is for politicians and adolescents; which are you trying to come across as?

Superfrankenstein said...


el duque said...


Your expose of the First Succubus stands as one of the most important political analyses of this or any year.

Detractors will seek to disuade you from printing the truth about this demon in Laura form, which, by the way, rhymes with chloraform... a compound that renders man without consciousness.

Keep poking your stick of reason into the bloodshot eye of this evil hurricane.

J. Cangiano said...

An absolute joy to read. Like the vast majority of your posts, I swallowed this one up like - well, it appears like Laura Bush. Keep the brain power turned up to max, because your stuff is great!

Anonymous said...

Well if you are presenting yourself as an adolescent, I would like to retreat the phrase "anal temptation" and replace it with "butt-sex induced influence" and proclaim you as my new hero

Ragnell said...

Oh crap, he's on to us.

Rex Tyler said...

To all conservatives --

Don't try to reason with this Peyer guy. He's deadly serious about attacking Bush -- but try to rebut Peyer's diatribes with facts and suddenly everything's a big joke.

This is because Peyer HAS no facts. His political diatribes are fact-free, and his "My views count/yours are a joke" bit is how he maintains his delusions.

He's a prime example of a liberal writer with a BAD case of Bush Degangement Syndrome. You really cannot have an intelligent conversation with such a person.

(The sarcastic, flippant answer Peyer is sure to make to this post will only prove my point.)

Superfrankenstein said...

Sure. Attack me while Laura Bush is blowing our President into submission.

At long last, Rex, have you no shame?

Rex said...

As predicted... a "funny" answer from Peyer.

Adolescent is DEFINATELY the right word.

Superfrankenstein said...
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Superfrankenstein said...

Fuck it. You win, Rex.