Tuesday, September 05, 2006

“Bleating Inferno”

We like our meat rare in Northamptonshire.

And most of us don’t care that the world daily wallows deeper in blood while the U.K. executive is occupied planning the legacy of our ebbing leader. Beatification, then the Carlyle Group or the Murdoch Empire, he probably anticipates – both perhaps, in his wettest dreams.

Personally, the defence I want to hear from the Reverend Blair is the one he mounts at his war crimes trubunal. “I was only following orders.” I hear him whimper in my dream.

“Yo, Blair.”


Meanwhile, those evil terrorist bastards are constantly seeking new ways to hurt us

Be careful out there, (Tom).


Superfrankenstein said...

Don't waste your breath "warning" me, Jamie. I'm not about to let a beer sit there unopened.

STFU said...

Tom, the Monster Force is a great addition. Four deranged heads are better than one.