Friday, September 08, 2006

Don't They Know...

there's a fucking war on?

People are being reduced to bloody tatters under their leadership and direction, and all these self-obsessed, shallow, self-serving jostling apes (who purport to represent us - and I have a nightmare that they do) can do is screech like reality show contestants and fling their shit at each other.

But there's always a ray of sunshine: at least Blair is probably going to be exiled, blubbing, from Fantasy Empire sooner rather than later.

Just in case it's slipped anyone's attention...

The government of the USA's most devoted ally seems likely immently to catastrophically implode and be revealed for the snarling nest of rabid rat-fuckers it's "honourable members" are.

Looks like Bush will have to do get used to a new grinning sycophantic sidekick.

My guess is that John Reid, newly-installed hard-nut Home Secretary, is right now polishing his steel toe-caps and browsing the MI5 files on Gordon Brown.

In fact, let me stick my neck out. I bet the UK experiences a "terrorist alert" just as the leadership struggle gets going. John Reid is good on TV in emergencies -- he grabbed the mic when Blair was sunning himself in the Caribbean the last time we all had to shiver in fear -- and Blair will give him a fair wind to help fuck Brown.

Sticking my neck out is what gets me beat at poker. I should learn. But hey, every once in a while you win a nice pot.


Superfrankenstein said...

But I thought they already deposed the Prime Minister.

Oh, wait. That was on Doctor Who.

Elayne said...

Didn't Reid pretty much torpedo his reputation during the latest "terrorism" episode (the one that resulted in intense screenings of people for evil, evil liquids)? Every time I saw news footage of him he reminded me of Al Haig back in the '80s, insisting when Reagan was shot that he was now in charge of the government.

Jamie said...

As I say, Elayne, I'm sticking my neck out. But then so, I believe, is Reid.

Time will tell. (and I won at poker tonight)