Monday, September 04, 2006

Over Here

So, another tedious Monday in the Long War and I should be contemplating useful endeavours, (I'm British, by the way, so get used to weird spelling) such as painting the handrails on my boat while mourning the absence of nicotine from my life, or watching my pension-crop of peyote seedlings fatten microscopically while bemoaning the arbitrary decision of Ebay to outlaw the trading of devilish lophophora williamsii cacti from their site, despite its continuing legality within the European Union. American force projection: it's a wonder. Perhaps I'll be extradited, or rendered extraordinarily.

However, instead of indulging these pleasant distractions, I find myself prodded, stumbling towards this podium, clearing my throat to add to the cacophony of chatter already deafening the world.

Hope I find something useful to say.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I offer this poignant image from the past for your amusement and retrospective appreciation.


1997. The U.K. General Election. Oh how we laughed (albeit a little uneasily) at the crass hyperbole of the Conservative Party's increasingly desperate campaign...

More later, if this post appears in coherent form.

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