Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Apparently, Fred Travalena was already booked.

The White House Correspondents Association, having scored big last year by bringing in Steven Colbert to speak at its annual dinner, has just announced this year's featured entertainer:

Rich Little.

Good night and good luck, indeed.

What, isn't Norm Crosby available? Better yet, why not just set up a turntable and play Allan Sherman records?


SR Publicist said...

They could have booked Steven Wright. No one would get him, which would make it even more funny.

bubba g. russo said...

I guess Dennis Miller was too busy hawking M&M's, Amstel Light and NetZero. And Art Buchwald, Bob Newhart, Ben Stein, and Mark Russell were all too controversial. Maybe they could get Trent Lott? There's still time...Personally, I thought it would be Larry the Cable Guy- the W might actually get his jokes!
Bravo to the Press Correspondents (sychophants and suckups all) for their fearless choice of emcees once again- they really set the stage for a good natured diatribe that the Commander and Chief can sleep through soundly and in complete safety!

bubba g. russo said...

...and even now, after death, Art Buchwald would be more entertaining and timely than Rich Little.
Rest in Peace, Art. You were awesome, and truly funny. We won't forget that you had the integrity to take on idiots from both the Right and the Left, and hold them accountable.