Wednesday, March 07, 2007

'Worst Person In The World?' She'd Like Us To Think So

Coulter-World'sWorstA rodeo clown's job is to distract the bull while the dismounted cowboy runs to safety. If Bush is the cowboy he claims to be, then we're the bull, and Ann Coulter is his gaudiest clown. Along with nearly everyone else, I'm pissed at her for using the bad f-word, but it feels like a trap; at least twice a year, Coulter feasts on mass outrage and shits victory. And we never stop feeding her. When she mocks 9/11 widows, threatens Muslims and winds the country up with slurs, it's so easy to scorn her that it might not even count as an act of citizenship. And that's how she draws us in every time: by being no challenge to think about. She jokes about bombing a civilian, torturing an innocent, starving an urchin; we stomp and snort in her direction. Off on the sidelines, Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales exhale in relief, then share a wink with the world's most famous clown.


bubba g. russo said...

What can we say about Ann that hasn't already been said? She remains a joke, a bad punchline, a mockery held up to universal ridicule and scorn as an example of what not to become. My solution has always been and remains to this day: club her like a baby seal. Until her mouth stops moving.
The GOOD news is, once in awhile the bull gores the cowboy and the rodeo clown. The BAD news is, it's rarely fatal. But we can hope!

Elayne said...

Uh-oh, y'all are feeding her again.

Oh no, now I'm feeding her too!

dave said...

It's funny because I don't think she knows she's the clown. I just checked her site today and the drooling moron is suggesting that less people would be killed by guns if we all were packing heat... ??? WHAT???? Where does she find all the drool that her job demands of her?