Friday, June 30, 2006

The Hullaballoo Dancers Dance To The Batman Theme

Thanks to Agent Double-4

Superman Treason Update

supermanshield2Truth, Justice and (Fill in the Blank), a New York Times op-ed column guest-starring Mark Waid!

Source: "Why The World Doesn't Need Superman," By Lois Lane

New bin Laden Tape Praises Star Jones Reynolds

Osama_bin_LadenA message purporting to be from Osama bin Laden has been released online in which the head of al-Qaeda praises Star Jones Reynolds, the fired co-host of "The View," and warns Barbara Walters not to be "too happy" about her ouster.gglobesarrive05g

Reynolds, 74, was fired on June 28 after leaking word that her contract wouldn't be renewed. Ms. Walters hailed her dismissal as a "severe blow to al-Qaeda."

But bin Laden says that al-Qaeda will continue with operations against The View and its allies. "Star's story will live forever with the stories of the celebrities, so don’t cry over one who is not missing," bin Laden said. "She can teach the world a lesson on how to seize freedom... and how to resist tyrants like Barbara Walters."

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Few Of The Many Great Things About 'Superman Returns'
(Described Too Vaguely To Spoil Anything, I Hope)

How Luthor got his money
Security footage of convenience store robbery
Bald Luthor
Red-haired Jimmy
Perry White
Daily Planet globe
Someone eats a piano
Shot in the eyeball
"How did you get here?" "I flew."
How super-hearing sounds
Lonely Superman
Pants-crappingly amazing airplane rescue
Great little kid
John Williams score, updated
Sob-inducing shot of Ma Kent in a crowd


Superman's Bar Mitzvah
Superman's crucifixion
Superman and Jimmy's sex scene

My rating: See the motherfucker!

But first, read The Onion A.V. Club's funny Villains Unlikely To Turn Up In Future Superman Movies!


Friday, June 23, 2006


Cheney Discusses Pre-'Iraq' Bulimia

cheney_eatVice President Dick Cheney opens up on his five-decade battle with bulimia in this month's Human Events.

Cheney tells the magazine, now on newsstands, that his cycle of binging and purging began when he was 17 and continued until the Iraq invasion.

"When we decided to invade, I knew that food -- my eating disorder -- was the one thing really holding me back," Cheney tells the magazine, estimating that he was making himself throw up as many as seven times a day. "I was binging my whole life away for days at a time... So when we were building a consensus for the invasion, I said, 'You know what? I can do well in this war. Let me give myself a chance and just get a hold of this thing.'"

In preparation for the invasion, Cheney enrolled in an intensive treatment program at the Eating Disorder Center in Langley, VA.

Cheney tells Human Events that he credits the war with saving his life.

Although this interview was the most candid Cheney has been about his eating disorder, the Vice President, who was the administration's energy point man before launching the "Iraq" experience, hasn't shied away from talking about his problems with food.

In a conference call with reporters to promote the killing of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, Cheney was asked about his workout regimen.

"I don't have any time," he responded. "I haven't worked out in like four months. I feel like I'm a big blob, like I don't have any muscle in my body."

He continued, "I've totally struggled with body weight and stuff like that. Before 'Iraq' it was like was part of my struggle with being a public servant was I went up and down with my weight, and I would get such good feedback from political consultants, 'We would love to run him for office, but...' It's part of Washington and it's a shame that you have to be so skinny and in such good shape and it was just such a huge struggle for me."

Hinting at his pre-"Iraq" treatment, Cheney had more to say about his ongoing relationship with food.

"I actually met a dietician before the war because I wanted to get all my stuff in check," he admitted. "And he just taught me to eat normally and to have like peace with food and stuff like that. Now I just don't have any kind of emotional eating anymore, and the weight just kind of starting dropping off of me. I still have weight on me; I'm probably still not like what Washington thinks is stick skinny. But I'm just happy with food. I'm able to eat and I think that that's what men should be able to do. I eat food and I don't think twice about it."

Cheney's next war, "Iran," will open after the midterm elections.

Walking With Jesus Beach Ball

walkingwithjesusbeachball$15.60 per case


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Dick Side

"We have to work the dark side, if you will. We've got to spend time in the shadows in the intelligence world. A lot of what needs to be done here will have to be done quietly without any discussion, using sources and methods that are available to our intelligence agencies." -- Dick Cheney
The Dark Side, tonight's Frontline documentary on PBS, retraces Cheney and Rumsfeld's distortion of the War on Terror into the invasion of Iraq; preview its argument in this Seattle Times review.

Monday, June 19, 2006

It's A Jew! It's A Gay! It's Superman!

The right wing board Free Republic is worried about Superman Returns. Is The Man Of Steel gay? Is he Jewish? Is he Jesus? Is he promiscuous? Does he hate America? Is he liberal?

Any possible curiosity value for me was lost when I learned that in the film he says he stands for "Truth, justice, and that other stuff."


The new movie may have slick promos but the fact they made lois lane an unwed mother kills the mistique.


I'm pretty much sick of the queer lobby in hollywood making every single movie into a gay propaganda flick. X-Men was supposed to be about 'tolerance'. Catwoman is now a dyke. The Writers Guild and the Directors Guild is completely infiltrated and they are trying hard to either convert all of us or destroy all entertainment.


It's all about seizing innocence and perverting it any way they can.


Yep. The homosexual lobby always takes that which is innocent and tries to pervert it to its own unnatural preferences.


They really are getting more and more heterophobic by the day.


Excuse me while I go throw up.


Just seeing 2 men kiss makes me physically ill..and unfortunately this is something that the rabid gay people in New York keep forcing on the public .


What red blooded American male is now going to want to walk into their local movie theater and see this now? Hey they can be what ever they want up in Manhattan or San Francisco, and I have no problem with it, but pleasssssssssse in public don't pervert my movies and tv.


After this film was cast rumours on the net were that the star would come out the closet in the publicity run-up to the opening. I thought I'd wait to see if it was true. Now it doesn't matter if he does, no way I'm seeing this turkey.


The gay crowd gets different movie posters and different trailers - like trailers featuring Superman coming out of a closet - literally. The studios act like gay men are the holy grail of box office and will pretty much turn anything into its gayest possible demoninator to appeal to them.


The whole 'gayification' thing didn't start happening until the 80's after they somehow determined that if NY was ready for Studio 54 (which was basically a larger version of a typical gay club) then they could turn the rest of America gay.


They also think Jesus was a homo.


Better a Jewish Superman than a gay Superman.

*** many Jews grew up with goy parents in Kansas?


A Jewish Superman would frost the Muslims, really twist them. I hope this theme takes off, no pun intended.


The whole premise of Superman is Christianity based. Sending his only son to save the world....


I guess, according to Hollywood, Jesus has to be either gay or secretly married to a prostitute. Jesus can't win in liberal la la land!


They couldn't pay me enough to go see this pervert crap.
To be continued...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

New Jack Chick Joint

Read it here.


Spysmasher has posted a lot of crazy comments on this blog, but I never thought he'd sink this low.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is It Me...

...or is the Daily News front page hating what its back page loves?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

They Know

Billy Black knows good comics!

Walaka knows good comics!

J. Caleb Mozzocco knows good comics!

'Nuff said!

Bush Breaks Down

(SKY News June 14) –– Poor George W. Bush.

The US president broke down in tears during an interview on The Today Show and said he was an "emotional wreck".

Bush, who's serving his second term, blamed media reports about his marriage and criticism of his governing skills for the upset.

He also said that constant attention from the press was a factor in his emotional crisis.

Denying rumors that he and First Lady Laura are heading for divorce, Bush said: "(My marriage is) awesome. She helps me. She has to. I'm (an) emotional wreck right now."

Bush defended his governing skills, which have been under the spotlight since September, when millions drowned in Hurricane Katrina as he was photographed eating lobster.

"I know I'm a good President," he said, insisting that his dad ate lobster while poor people died when he growing up in the White House.

"I can't go anywhere without someone judging me. I did it with my dad. I'd just sit on his lap and eat lobster. We're rich."

"I feel like I'm a target," he sobbed.