Monday, September 17, 2007

Loss For Words

I just received this email:

What can I say on the Anniversary Wall? Any ideas?

If, instead of giving your great ideas to me, you want to spread the message of how the Presidential Prayer team has drawn you closer to the Lord, here's the link.

But let us know what you said.

Also: I've been wondering what will happen to the Presidential Prayer Team if a Democrat gets in. Will they keep praying for the President?


Blind Robin said...

The President spameth thee in the name of thee Lord!

Stuart Moore said...
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Stuart Moore said...

Oh yes, the Democrats will pray. To MAMMON!

Anonymous said...

Pray that Fredo's term ends soon.

bubba g. russo said...

We must all pray to whatever deities we worship that the Decider in Chief is relieved of these heavy responsibilities that interrupt his vacations, spending time at the ranch, and competitive bicycling. And the sooner, the better!
Because until then, the rest of America hasn't got a prayer!

Dr. Schmelding said...

What to say on the Anniversary Wall?


What else?

el duque said...

It's Iran that had better say their prayers.