Friday, February 06, 2009

I Feel Like I've Died And Gone To Fifth Grade

So, with encouragement from Seattle's @Svengali_Lad, I put the call out to my Twitter followers:

Assignment: Full name of superspy agency whose acronym spells a bad word.
Within seconds, the shadows of imaginary espionage were hiding agents of C.L.I.T., of F.U.C.K., of B.A.L.L.S., of A.S.S.P.L.A.Y., and more. Excerpts from that top secret list, and the agents responsible:

Covert Undercover Ninja Team

Tactical Insertion Technology Service

Covert Handlers Of Airborne Directives

Advanced Surgical Strike - Post Lateral Army - Yemen


Combat Operation Cyborgs -- *K* Series (Underwater Combat, Killing, Exploration, and Rescue Squad)

Warren Ellis' Tactical Commando Unit Number Two


Bureau Overseeing Licensed Laser Operating Commie Killing Spies

Temporal Universe Research Department Syracuse

People Eating Yetis European Reserve

Federated Underground Commando Knights


Platoon Uncovering Nondisclosures And Nabbing Intelligence


Biological Alien Lifeform and Logistic Systems

The Wicked Organization Granting Infernal Revenge and Libelous Slander On Nerds Expecting Calamity Under Pressure


Covert Unknown Machiavellian Spies Hunters Of Terrorist Squads

Special Ordnance Defensive Overseer Multiple Intelligence Tactical Expert


Forensic Undersecretaries Contemplating Killing French Annoyances Completely Ensuring Security


Joint Operation Headquarters Nexus, Battling Yemenese Racial and Nationalist Extremists.


Terrestrial Investigation Termination Society


Systematic Hits In Territorial Situations Tactically Orchestrated Random Ministrations.


Contraband Liberating Information Technician

Biologists' Unified Knowledge Against Kindergarten Education


Yearly Engineered Attack and Search Team In Nefariously Fearsome, Exceptionally Caustic Times In Ontario and Nicaragua


Commando Ultra Marine Squad - Hostile Organisation Takedown


Association Systematic Smart Machines Under No CHair

Hidden Agenda IRefuttable Proof Interpersonal Erogenous Situations

Tri Unified Reactive Defence Biological Underground Reagent Grouping Lower Abdominal Repository

Phallic Insufferable Sluicegate Secreted Harbored Artery Rigid Defence Overt Nethers