Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Ghost Of The News Gives Me The Creeps

When I was on the West Coast, I subscribed to a daily email news update from Syracuse's WTVH-Channel 5, just in case something hugely important happened back home. After awhile I hardly ever looked at it, and when I returned last fall it never crossed my mind to cancel it.

A couple of months ago WTVH fired 40 staffers, basically closed its news operation, and started running local newscasts assembled by a competitor. People in and out of the business were sad and angry; this was the oldest TV news operation in town, and it was awful to see so many media jobs vanish all at once.

Anyway, with only a couple of on-air front-people left on staff, Channel 5 stopped updating its email news thing...

...But its robot keeps sending it. The same one. Every day at 4:30, it appears in my inbox like a fading, elderly relative who repeats the same phrases over and over again.

How creepy is this? Remember, I opened it less than an hour ago...

...and I'll get the same email tomorrow. Br-r-rr!


giveuspaws at yahoo.com said...

Guess you were lucky to escape CNY when you did, TP. But what about your friends who still live there? Do they know that time has stopped, or are they doomed to relive the F-M cheerleaders heading to Jacksonville, Fla. for the Gator Bowl, like Elmo's wish for Christmas every day?

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