Wednesday, November 30, 2005

America's Next Top Model

010-Jesus2 & 4 loved ones  clouds & light2
Pictures of your loved ones with Jesus!
1 loved one $30 $35* $85**
2 loved ones $40 $45* $95**
3 loved ones $50 $55* $105**
4 loved ones $60 $65* $115**
5 loved ones $70 $75* $125**
Family portrait $40 $45* $95**
Wedding portrait $40 $45* $95**
Pet Memorial $30 $35* $85**
*=Special Package
**=Extra Special Package
Add a poem to any picture: $3
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Sleestak said...

Those look exactly like those Remax realtor ads with the agent floating in the clouds.

el duque said...


Wait a minute. Can this be true?

Are they really saying that for just $33, I can get a photo of JC holding my pet gerbel, with the inscription of a poem, say, by Charles Bukowski. (My fave: "Assholes of the World Including Mine.")


goody said...

How does one hire a Jesus lookalike? Do you go through an agency for this? "MUST LOOK LIKE SAVIOR, HOLES OPTIONAL" Or did some genius fundie happen to have a friend with a beard?

Des said...

I'd get Fidel Castro, Gallagher and myself in the photo with the poem that starts with "There once was a man from Nantucket..." running around the border.

Sleestak said...
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