Friday, November 04, 2005

Home Alone

Parents out of town (word up, word up)
Ladies all around (what)
Me and the crew (ohh, ohh)
Doin' what we do (uh, uh)

Yeah, beat is bangin' up and down your spine
And all the single women here are fine
(It's a beautiful thing, it's a beautiful thing)
Let your body give into your soul
Release the freak in you and lose control, ho-hohh

Girl there's a party goin' on
My temperature's warm
So let me freak you through the floor
While the bass is bumpin' (ohh)
All night if your body can handle (ooh)

Hands in the air (c'mon, get 'em up)
Drinks everywhere (and...)
Party in the hills (yeah)
Keepin' it real (oh yeah) (keep it real y'all)
Parents out of town
Ladies all around (ladies all around)
Me and the crew (mmm)
Doin' what we do

-- R. Kelly
Home Alone

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