Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BREAKING: Sweet-On-Superman Sarge Sentenced

A Fort Eustis drill sergeant was sentenced to six months in military prison after pleading guilty on Monday to a series of training transgressions including an incident in which he instructed a subordinate to dress like Superman and simulate sex acts.

Staff Sgt. Edmundo Estrada was court-martialed for his actions and relationships with low-ranking soldiers(...) In an affidavit filed April 16, 2006, a soldier accused Estrada of sexually assaulting him. He said he came to Estrada complaining of depression, and that Estrada instructed him to dress in Spandex and pretend to be Superman, weakened by Kryptonite and undergoing sexual torture. The soldier said Estrada photographed him during these acts and threatened him if he refused to participate.

Soldiers from Estrada's previous unit said he demanded to photograph them shirtless and wearing spandex.

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bubba g. russo said...

Geez, I guess the "don't ask, don't tell" era really IS over. In all fairness, Defense Secretary Gates has been known to behave in similar fashion. However, in his case, he's dressed like Wonder Woman or Supergirl, and he asks the Chiefs of Staff, most notably General Betrayus, to spank him and tell him he's "soft" on terrorism. Speaking of which, have you noticed that the general is a dead ringer for Joseph Goebbels? And that you never see the two of them photographed together... hmmmm....the war goes well, ja?