Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hippies Can Suck Aqualad

A discussion of hippies, from TEEN TITANS #15, May-June 1968:

AQUALAD: "I like to swing, but these cats are too much! Strictly weirdos!"

ROBIN: "You betray your middle-class junior super-hero background! What's more weird and way-out than a kid who breathes water, or a speed demon in a crazy yellow suit, or a chick who flies -- ??"

KID FLASH: "You mean... us, BOY WONDER -- THE TITANS?"

WONDER GIRL: "He doesn't mean THE ROLLING STONES, mopehead! I think these hippie guys are groovy!"
This story and more like it are available in Showcase Presents: Teen Titans, Vol. 1.


Dave said...

In the long, long history of mankind, has any human being anytime, anywhere spoken like a Bob Haney character?

I didn't think so.

Superfrankenstein said...

That's why we need Bob Haney!

Anonymous said...

It's filthy, dirty, America-hating hippie-lovers like you who are always trying to bring down great Americans like Sean Hannity. I hope you're happy, Mr. Free Love.