Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wait 'Til Your Savior Gets Home

Email alert! Email alert! Trouble at Hot Parts House!

Does anyone know if there are any sponsorships or scholarships (in Texas?) to pay for attending a Christian school? We are sending our eldest daughter to a Christian school. Now we have to find the money. I know that is putting the cart before the horse but conditions dearly warranted the move.
What did he catch her doing? Leave your guess in the comments!



cap_fan said...


Stuart Moore said...

Simpsons Movie. Simpsons Movie. Simpsons Movie.

The Retropolitan said...

Did it have something to do with boys?

Hoosier X said...

She was reading the less conservative of the local newspapers.

Brandon Jerwa said...

The letters DVDA spring to mind, possibly while watching something unwholesome like, say, "Three's Company."