Friday, October 05, 2007

Poor Rudy


Newsflash to the rest of the country: Everybody in New York hates this guy. Everybody.

Not only does the New York Times have up, today, a blistering account of his exploits reviling and ridiculing people on his radio show during his time as mayor. Not only does said article document several incidents where, in the course of yelling inappropriately at people, he takes firm stands 180 degrees away from the far-right pandering he's engaged in now. ("It really is absolutely astounding that the N.R.A. continues to have influence in areas in which they make no sense at all.”)

But this is the photo they ran with the article:


Poor Rudy. No friends in New York.


Anonymous said...

Has no one in the media brought up the fact that NYC was broke because of Rudy - he'll be a great replacement for the Bush moron when they fix the election for the third time !

jlroberson said...

This image goes well with the last one there:

Don't you think?