Saturday, January 20, 2007

Clinton calls for "a new president"


NY Senator Hillary Clinton on Saturday morning called for "a new president" to address US foreign and domestic policy woes.

Possibly due to her origins on Krypton, where term limits are apparently rare, Clinton seemed unaware that the US Constitution virtually guarantees a new president will be elected in 2008.

Or is her statement a warning? Emboldened by their successful raids on the electoral process in 2000 and 2004, do the escapees from the Phantom Zone have plans for '08?


The Retropolitan said...

They're gonna have to get out of Skeets before they can get out of the Phantom Zone.

Sleestak said...

1st call from someone not living in an isolated cabin in the woods for Bush to resign?

bubba g. russo said...

I'm not sure I understand.
A new President?
from ethe graphic, I thought Hillary was auditioning for the next Supergirl movie (Supergirl II: The Quest for Credibility), to be directed by Howard Dean...and co-starring Barak Obama as Jimmy Olsen...
I mean, she's no Helen Slater, but at least she's blonde....and repels Republicans!

Anonymous said...

She can't possibly mean herself then, being that she supported Bush's foreign policy.