Thursday, January 18, 2007

Zap! Pow! 'Relevant' Comics Tackle Social Issues!

Beer & Meater Bubba G. Russo found this great 1950s political campaign comic on an ebay auction; you can go there and read the whole thing. It's an attack job on a candidate for Massachussetts governor who was apparently quite a prick.


Peter said...

"Boy Howdy! I betcha that Gov'ner Dever could whip that Herter fella AND Superman with an arm tied behind his back!"

bubba g. russo said...

Dammit, SuperBeerandMeat. I told you how angry this stuff makes me! What kind of sick, perverse, twisted excuse for a human being would create comic books like this when kids back then wanted to read Batman or Tom Mix? The rat bastids! Stinkin' up the newstands with this filth! What audience were they trying to reach? And couldn't they have just waited until tabloid TV and hate TV and radio came along a few decades later? I mean, now Faux News makes this look like a Bazooka Joe strip! Except with less "facts." Sheesh.