Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why Did It Take Me Six Years To See This?

Dick Cheney is Milburn Drysdale. George W. Bush is Jethro Beaudine. And Condoleezza Rice is Miss Jane Hathaway.


el duque said...

Rumsfeld was the Skipper, and George is his little buddy. Dick and Lynn are Thurston Howell and Lovie. Condi is Ginger, Wolfowicz was the Professor. And U2 is the famed English band, "The Crickets."

Superfrankenstein said...

Cheney is Sgt. O'Rourke and Bush is Cpl. Agarn.

Bush and Laura are Herman and Lily Munster, Cheney is Grandpa, Harriet Miers is Eddie, and there is no Marilyn.

Mike Medved said...

GW as Butthead and Karl Rove as Beavis a.k.a. the Great Cornholio

bubba g. russo said...

It's the Dick Van Dyke Show, with Tony Snow as Mel, Condi Rice as Sally, Don Rumsfeld as Buddy, Dick Cheney as Alan Brady, The W as Rob, Laura as Laura, and the twins in a landmark genderbending dual role as Richie...
featuring Babs Bush as the cranky mother-in-law. Music by the Beach Boys, and special guest Johnny Mathis.
Brought to you by Desilu (Designated Loser) Productions!

Jersey Shore said...

No, no!

It's Cheney as Bud Abbott, Bush as Lou Costello. Rush Limbaugh as Stinky. Rummy is Mike the Cop. Condi is Hillary Brook. Ann Coulter is Mrs. Crumbcake. Sean Hannity is Mr. Fields.

Bud: You know, Bush, they give generals very funny names these days.

Lou: Really, Cheney?

Bud. That's right. So, Who's in Bagdad, What's in Fallugia, and Idonknow's running Abu Ghraib.

Lou: Who's in Fallugia?

Bud: No, Who's in Bagdad. What's in Fallugia.

Lou: WMD's?

Bud: Oh, he's our shortstop!

Lou: I don't even know what I'm talking about!