Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Holy Meat Loaf!

Cesar RomeroJim Steinman––a composer/producer whose regrets might include Bat Out Of Hell, Bat Out Of Hell II, Total Eclipse Of The Heart and, for all I know, Total Eclipse Of The Heart II––claims to be writing songs for a Batman stage musical. He's blogging about it, and he's posted an MP3 of a show-stopper belted out by that nefarious Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker: "Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?" [Via Metafilter.]

* * *
Extra! Ethel Merman, Tallulah Bankhead and other Batman Baddies On Broadway!


Elayne said...

We were just listening to some of the Batman songs yesterday (I actually cringed at some of the Joker's lines), and I checked out the blog, which seems to be mainly answers to questions posed on his message board, but he has no RSS feed nor any comments so to me it's only like a pseudo-blog. Love the caption on his picture, though.

Scipio said...

That ... "music" ... is an offense to God, Man, and Kane.

Tim said...

Does anyone really think this is a good idea? Superman had HIS musical, and it's a pretty embarrassing flop.

Pardon me while I make up melodies for lines like, "Holy Waste of Time, Batman!" and "To the Bat Cave, Robin" then they head for the orchestra bit, bounding in their armored tights.

Of course, I COULd be wrong. It might be brilliant.