Monday, July 17, 2006

Never-Ending Battle

Who said it?

"Instead of having a beer, now I just drink water and Coke...It's really hard... Every day is a battle."
A. Superman
B. President Bush, speaking to Tony Blair at the G8 Summit, unaware that his microphone was open.
C. Me.
D. The Yankees' new starting pitcher.
E. Someone else. (Leave your wild guess in Comments.)

Answer Here.


Harry said...

I still think it was Richard Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Bush doesn't drink "that shit."

Actually, I'm more disturbed and offended that Bush said "shit" with his mouth full of what appears to be a roll. I'm sure he was spraying crumbs all over Tony Blair's tie. Did the camera pick that up? I guess his Momma didn't teach him too good back at the dinner table in Crawford.

The Iron Patriot said...

Lou Dobbs

Anonymous said...

Now if only a camera/mic can pick up Condi saying "what's up with the dumb cocksucker, anyway?"

Superfrankenstein said...

I just watched the Bush video on CNN Headline News and not only did they not censor the word "shit" on the soundtrack, they printed it in the subtitles.

Will CNN let us all say shit now, or is shit an executive privelege?

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler (AKA GWB)

Anonymous said...

Peter Coors