Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dan Daredevil

When artiste Chris "The Filth" Weston ( know he has other credits, I just like calling him "The Filth") saw the poster for Frank Miller's upcoming movie of Will Eisner's The Spirit, it inspired him to go Miller on another classic comics hero:

Frank Miller's Dan Dare

Dan Dare at Wikipedia

Chris' blog (Currently very active)

Chris at Amazon

Miller's Spirit movie


The Retropolitan said...

Tell me that that's not actually a poster for 'The Spirit.'


madpuppy said...

I usually laugh at the fanboys who get all pissy when a comic character is "reinvented" for the movies.

But... that poster makes me want to cry. I've waited 20 years for a "Spirit" movie, and it looks like Frank Miller is plopping him down in Sin City.

Say it ain't so.

Mat said...

I was happy to learn the other day that one of the writers in Dan Dare in the fifties was Chad Varrer, a vicar who also founded the Samaritans. He was outer space consultant as well, but clearly knew fuck all about Venus.

Mike Hobart said...

Always unsettling to see a hero re-interpreted for a later decade. Dan Dare belongs to the same era as the Festival of Britain and J. Arthur Rank -- trying to fit him into the iPod age would be a sin. Similarly, The Spirit is so much a part of his time that I really don't want to see an update of him. Remember that dreadful Val Kilmer movie of The Saint? If they'd changed the hero's name I wouldn't have even realised it was the same character.

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