Wednesday, December 06, 2006

If you tried to leave a comment at A.H.O.Y. and it wouldn't let you without registering, try again. It's fixed. Asshole Of The Year regrets the inconvenience.


Peter said...

WHAT THE HELL? There was no warning!

*sobbing inconsolably*

Beer and meat? Oh God no

Superfrankenstein said...

Is it the beer or the meat?

bubba g. russo said...

"Beer and meat?"
Sounds like a goddamn porn site! (Or maybe an old Denis Leary Schtick)
Great move, Peyer, as if ya didn't have enough flakes contributing to this blog already!

Oh Yeah, the AHOY thing:
Besides the Axis of Evil (Shrubster, Rummy and the Dick) I like Tony Snowjob, the latest in a long line of mealymouthed weasling press secretaries following Ari and Scotty. He lies even less convincingly than they did.

Anonymous said...

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