Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Let's try an experiment. I have a mailing list where you can receive occasional (one to three times a month) updates on my work; you can subscribe by sending an email to stuartcomics at . (Except don't use the "at," dumbass!) Here's a slightly abridged version of the latest mailer, minus the backlist listings. If you like know what to do!


Welcome to Stuart Moore Mailer #56. Some miscellaneous December madness:

• My final issue of FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN, issue #32, is in stores this Wednesday, December 13th. It's an epilogue to the storyline "In My Father's House," bringing this run of FIRESTORM to a thematic conclusion. Jamal Igle returned to fully pencil this one, before moving on to his new gig on NIGHTWING (coming soon!). It's our little holiday gift to you, as Jason (Firestorm) Rusch contemplates his past, present, and future on New Year's Eve. Plus killer cyborgs in space, the snowstorm that might destroy Manhattan, and some surprising supporting-character hookups.

FIRESTORM's been a blast these last two years -- I'd like to thank everybody who bought the book. And I can't wait to work with Jamal again, hopefully sometime soon. Hope you like our final outing together (for now).

• Just soliciting now: DETECTIVE COMICS #829 and 830, both out in March, feature "The Siege," a two-part story written by me featuring the siege of Wayne Tower by a mad bomber called Vox. Trapped in a conference room with civilians, Bruce Wayne must direct Robin remotely to stop the terrorist. Featuring a halfway-point cliffhanger I'm particularly proud of, and the absolutely stunning art of Andy Clarke, recently of the "Face the Face" storyline in the Batman books. This guy'll be drawing ULTIMATE CIVIL CRISIS in a year, mark my words. I'll try to get some promo art out soon.

• And finally: Last week, while I wasn't looking, STARGATE ATLANTIS: WRAITHFALL #2 slipped out to comic shops. I've determined from a scientific study of internet message boards that absolutely nobody is reading this book...which is a shame, as I think it's a good story, Mauricio Melo draws great tech and likenesses, we had no licensor problems at all, and I've designed the book to be accessible whether you've seen the show or not. Yes, it's late. Yes, it has eight hundred variant covers. Don't worry about that -- just pick one. And buy it!

Avatar's solicitation is here. (Scroll down past several books with "Dead" or "Death" in the title.)

Thanks and happy holidays. This time I mean it!


Edited because I typed in my own email address wrong. Who's the dumbass now?

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prof fury said...

Firestorm #32 is by far the best comic to have come out in weeks. Thanks for a great run!