Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Politics Can Make Some People Into Strange Bedfellows All By Themselves

This is a detail of a bedside photo posted by someone at a right wing message board.

All I can say: if I got to pick the Vice President all by myself (Michael Moore or Fidel Castro), I wouldn't want to wake up to pictures.

Is this... unique? Or does a subculture exist of Cheney fans who regard him as an older, more businesslike Clay Aiken? Can you shed some light, spysmasher?


The Retropolitan said...

Now I'm just waiting for the "all-male internet chat room webcam photos" of Cheney to surface.

spysmasher said...

Are you saying the person is gay because he has Cheney pictures at his bedside? Please, girlfriend. That just makes him unusually weird, not gay. Besides, it's just a photoshop creation anyway.

And by the way, I am Spy Smasher, not the Unknown Comic. Although the attention is flattering.

Superfrankenstein said...

Actually, the person who claims to sleep next to a shrine to the Veep claims also to be a woman. So it's hetero-something, if not exactly heterosexuality. Which is what made me wonder if Claymates for Cheney exist (and way to duck the question, spysmasher).

And by the way, I am Spy Smasher, not the Unknown Comic.

SUPERFRANKENSTEIN regrets the error. A corrected illustration is in the works.

El Duque said...

Superfrankenstein, Spysmasher,

Politics does make strange bedfellows, eh?

Superfrankenstein said...

el duque,

Haw! You said a mouthful!

Cole Moore Odell said...

Here it comes! The greatest battle of them all! The mightiest blogger of the universe tackles the cleverest man of the nation! Superfrankenstein Vs. Spy Smasher at Mountain of Judgment--don't miss it!

Superfrankenstein said...

Thank you for your fair account of the facts in the case, Cole. You're one of the good reporters, like Clark Kent and Brit Hume.


In case your browser, like mine, is chopping Cole's url short, you can find his investigative report here.