Sunday, March 12, 2006

Quote Of The Week

He's a piece of shit. And you can quote me on that.
Pitcher David Wells, on Commissioner Bud Selig.


Mike said...

This is one of those toughies. In general, Boomer is right. In this specific instance, Boomer is wrong and can kiss my butt.

But I'd still drink a sixer with him.

Selig, however, NEEDS to go. The Commissioner of Baseball should NEVER have been an owner or a player. He should ALWAYS be a fan.

Selig, sadly, was right in this instance. If you want to see Jeter and Williams and Rodriguez, you go to Yankee Stadium. The whole idea of spring training is to see how the team is shaping up, look at the up and coming kids, and just relax.

I think everyone involved here is an idiot.

El Duque said...


This is much like the feud between Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff, which began when Hillary seduced Lindsay's former boyfriend, Aaron Carter.

I see Bud Selig as Hillary. He's sassy, spirited and totally hot. He knows how to display his sexy bare legs and seduce the owners to do his bidding.

But Boomer should spend less time posing toothless in skimpy undergarments, if he wants to be taken seriously as an artist.

George Steinbrenner is Aaron Carter, because he can have anyone he wants, and he knows it.