Monday, November 29, 2004

Holiday Gift Idea

"...And if he throws at your head, I want you to charge the mound and bust that little sonofabitch right in the nuts... What? Hey, I admit it. I get pretty intense coaching these games."


Anonymous said...


So glad to find out about this blog.

This figurine series (which I fondly remember being mocked by Conan O'Brien a few years back) reminds me of a quote I ran across from former Braves/then Dodger not-so-great Brett Butler in The Village Voice, to the effect: "If Jesus Christ played baseball, he'd slide into second with his cletes up..."

--Tim "Lucky enough to interview Peyer many moons ago" O'Shea

Superfrankenstein said...


Great to hear from you again. It's true and provable that, in every athletic contest, God is rooting for one side against the other. And He hates the losers' guts.