Thursday, November 18, 2004

Viva Morrissey!

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In a rare performance on The Late Show with David Letterman, dressed in traditional Catholic priest regalia, consisting of a black suit, white collar and cross necklace, Morrissey and his bandmates, adorned in Jobraith t-shirts, an homage to the troubled 1970s homosexual wannabe rockstar, introduced the crowd to a live rendition of "First of the Gang to Die" from Morrissey's most successful album to date You Are the Quarry. Upon completion of the song, Morrissey made the sign of the cross across his body before the cameras cut away from the unusually dressed crooner. Dave graciously, although confusedly, greeted Moz with a "Thanks, Father."
I saw it, and it was a beautifully confusing dig. People who want to be offended probably couldn't say why.

I've been known to use Morrissey's early lyrics as horoscopes--if I'm going to be superstitious, I want to be as irrational about it as possible--by dialing up the Random Smiths Lyric Generator. I stopped after about the hundredth bleak message. What did I expect?

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