Friday, November 12, 2004

SuperFrankenstein Would Be Psyched belong to the Democratic Party envisioned this week by the editors of The Stranger. "It's time for the Democrats to face reality: They are the party of urban America... We're going to demand that the Democrats focus on building their party in the cities while at the same time advancing a smart urban-growth agenda that builds the cities themselves. The more attractive we make the cities--politically, aesthetically, socially--the more residents and voters cities will attract, gradually increasing the electoral clout of liberals and progressives. For Democrats, party building and city building is the same thing."


Anonymous said...


City and country is for mice, not men.

A clearer picture of modern American politics is the Donny/Marie Continuum (Laurence Tribe, 1995, Harvard University).

Singer/songwriter Marie Osmond, in works and beliefs, portrayed herself as "a little bit country," while singer/songwriter Donald Osmond was (still is, for my money)"a little bit rock."

Thus, they marketed themselves to an America hungry for unity.

Clearly, this election shows that Bush appealed to the child-rearing, Minivan driving, deeply religious and semi-conscious-from-alcohol "Maries," who used their seductive endowments to bend minds.

Kerry, with Bruce Springsteen on his side, clearly sought to sought to win the Donnys. However, they were too busy giving out big money on game shows to hang a whack about voting.

In 2008, the Democrats must grab more Maries, while never letting go of their Donnys.

Hope this helps.

El Duque (posting as Anonymous because you never know)

Superfrankenstein said...

Duque, I'd love to believe your Donnies and Maries theory, but until you produce a color-coded map, how can I?

Anonymous said...

Dunno about Donny and Marie, maybe the Democrats could just start selling cute dolls on QVC? But I like the idea of taking over the cities better than my original plan, where the Democrats would send groups of 100,000 to each of the swing states to form Utopian communities, register to vote, and make sure all those states swing blue in '08. While we were there we could also demonstrate that we actually have "values", and show them our doll collections...
Losthawk, who generally prefers anonymity for her political opinions in case she ever gets a journalism job again