Tuesday, November 09, 2004

SuperFrankenstein Is Sorry

Wow. Slept on yesterday's post and woke up laughing. "Poor me! Bush and the Red Sox won!" Self-pitying song lyrics. Time-wasting links. A schoolkid could have written it. All that's missing is a moody photo of me and a teddy bear. It's hard enough to be a teen-ager; imagine sustaining it for this many decades.

So I take it all back. Everything's fine. And don't worry about Iraq. Help has arrived.

So let's relax. Put on a record.


El Duque said...


Think of it this way: Boston won the World Series, but the Cardinals won the election.

El Duque

Brit said...

Well, I could just say that your site is funny, and I found it fully enjoyable to see my site here... though I don't. Usually I would put more interesting things in my blog, like actual articles and/or links to interesting people or events, but because of people like you, I don't do that anymore. In fact, the only interesting thing about my site is that it is still around. But thanks for the link anyway, it's very nice to see that I still get hits to my sorry site each day. In fact I may take the opportunity to link you as homeage for such the nice "gift"

"Depressed Brit" owner Brittany, a teenaged girl trying to live a life of stupidity and immaturity like the 99.9% other teenagers in the world. (I know that last sentence was a run on and have incorrect grammar, and yet I don't care.)

Superfrankenstein said...

Sorry, Brit. I was (and remain) an ass. I killed the link.

Brit said...

Nah, you didn't have to. I was just surprised that people actually read my blog still, that's all. Killing the link wasn't needed. Though I will still leave your link on my site. And refrain from the rant I couldn't get myself to write in the first place.

Cheerio (It's pretty funny to say, considering that I'm not even British. I've lived in Texas since I was 5...)