Friday, November 12, 2004

If Everyone Is SuperFrankenstein, Then No One Is SuperFrankenstein

Slightly updated. Yesterday we went to see The Incredibles. No, not those Incredibles. Fun, witty, handsome, exciting... this movie is, for me, like looking in a mirror. But its theme--somehow linked to the world's weirdest argument for tort reform--seems to be summed up when the villain says something like, "If everyone is super, then no one is super!" Which I don't get. If everyone were rich, wouldn't everyone still be rich? I guess the rich don't think so. Somehow, the super-people in the Incredibles universe, good guys and bad, spend most of the movie feeling wronged, angry and frustrated. Is anything less appealing than the rage of the uptrodden? Maybe this is all just a back-door way of getting us to believe that if everyone is merchandising The Incredibles, then no one is merchandising the Incredibles (via Waxy.)

Of course, the the movie makes its biggest news with the return, at last, of the flying buzz saw.

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