Monday, November 08, 2004

SuperFrankenstein Is Way Down Now

Can't shake anything off. George W. Bush is President-Elect. The Boston Red Sox are World Champions.

From Way Down Now, by the great Karl (World Party) Wallinger:

The clocks will all run backwards
All the sheep will have two heads
And Thursday night and Friday
Will be on Tuesday night instead...
There's breeding in the sewers
And the rats are on their way
They're clouding up the images of perfect day
And I know I'm not alone
And I know I'm not alone
And I know I'm not alone

Nothing to say about The Leader Of The Free World that you can't read in a million other places. So here's my view of the Red Sox.

In slightly better news, that Hart Seely is at it again.

The Picture Of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
We 3 By Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

The Return Of Chandu Starring Bela Lugosi as the good guy, yet.

Song Of The Moment:
Chris Michaels By The Fiery Furnaces (Hear the opening)

"Boston is too racist for me. I couldn't play there."
-- Barry Bonds, 6/17/04

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