Wednesday, February 22, 2006

But Enough About Jeff! Let's Talk About Me!

hamburger.with.flag.large The Post-Standard makes with the decent Jeff obit.

In other news: from now on, I will read your comments before they post. You won't see them instantly; you'll have to wait until I bound out of bed, exercise, shower, dress, breakfast, practice the violin, turn on my computer, check my stocks, read Thomas L. Friedman, and then choose which of your reminiscences, verses and recipes I will share with the world and which I shall destroy. I was forced into this post-9/11 precaution by a poster who actually thought it was a good idea to disagree with me, and that I would be big enough to take it. Not smart. I hope the rest of you will continue to share your comments, and that you will do so in the spirit of the approximate words of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes:

Free speech does not give anyone the right to yell at Peyer in a crowded theater.
Update: Never mind.


The Retropolitan said...

Did he have anything to do with Dinosaur BBQ? I remember reading something about him and dinosaurs, and then I vaguely recall dinosaur paintings on the walls inside. I could be imagining things.

Superfrankenstein said...

Yeah, that was Jeff. Also, Generic Bar on Marshall Street, Tom's Mechanical Emporium on Burnet Avenue and The Dandelion bar in Fayetteville; and for quite an extended period he hung a new painting every week next to the bar in Pastabilities.

STFU said...

I didn't know the guy, at least I don't think I knew him, who knows if I did and it doesn't really matter if I did or didn't.

What matters is what I perceive that he stood for, namely, among other things, freedom of expression.

So, I would like to submit that your friend Jeff wouldn't necessarily approve of you going all Cheney-ish on those of dissenting opinion, however boorish they might be.

When you censor, you become one of Them.

Superfrankenstein said...

I'm glad you posted about this, STFU, because it kind of bothers me too, and I'm trying to figure out why.

Here's my side: I don't care about his opinion. It's his behavior. Why should I let him come here and and witlessly step on all of my punchlines? I put work into this site; he doesn't.

I disagree that he stood for freedom of expression. I think he was trying to discourage speech he didn't like. That's why he always insulted me, and posted every time I did.

And he has as much free speech as he had last week; if he wants to express himself, nothing's stopping him from starting his own blog.

Still, it does bother me to moderate comments. So let's keep this discussion going if you think there's a point I'm missing. I can see myself going back to open comments if there's a good reason.

Also, re: becoming one of Them: I hear They do get paid pretty well. It sounds like a good opportunity.

el duque said...


Does this mean I can't post under the name "Anonymous" anymore?

That, uh, stinks. I won't write the stronger four-letter word, because I know you wouldn't allow it on your pristine site.

Whatever happened to free speech? Also, whatever happened to the guy who played Sgt. Carter on Gomer Pyle? He was very talented.

Superfrankenstein said...

el duque,

Freedom of speech is just another word for no speech left to lose.

Jonathan Miller said...


Freedom of speech doesn't equal freedom to troll, which is what that guy was doing. I don't think there's anything wrong with moderating comments--this is your site, as you've said. I think the analogy to shouting fire in a crowded theatre is apt; the guy was posting more to provoke a reaction than to actually encourage any discussion.

Of course, a more important question would be are you going to the Emerald City Comicon this year? :-)

Back to "lurking"...

STFU said...

Yeah, after I posted my slight hyperbolic missive, I realized that the enemy wasn't free speech, but rather, a misguided troll douchebag who wasn't particularly funny to begin with.

I agree with you there. Screw him. I would welcome the arrival of an intelligent, well-articulated spokesperson for Them.

But there just don't seem to be that many kicking around. Maybe it's because they're all at their private convention, figuring out ways to keep a Working Man down.

Superfrankenstein said...

Yeah, STFU, it's funny--all those radio talkers and cable shouting-heads haven't improved anyone's ability to debate a point. I think it's because we've all decided which side we're on, and the arguments themselves are just empty role-playing. I just wish one of Them would come by and crack some good jokes. Beleve me, that hasn't happened yet.

Superfrankenstein said...


Thanks. I'll go to ECCC if they invite me!



rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

Mary and I, go to the dinosaur barbecue in Rochester, all the time. mainly to dance, because unless you are 20 years old, and very very drunk, there's no other place to dance in this town, except at the old geezer's home. I hear the food is good, but neither of us can eat any of it, as it is all massive chunks of meat and lard. I can even have fish on Fridays anymore. sucks, god knows I love snapper.

this has got to be the weirdest comment box I've ever seen.

The Retropolitan said...

I missed the whole "trolling douche" incident, I think. Can't you just block that user? I've never delved too deeply into the workings of Blogger comments, but a lot of other comment programs (i.e. Haloscan) lets you blacklist certain names or IP addresses.

Gary said...

Is this about the guy who complained about your Comic Book Covers Explain the News?

And no, I don't think it's right to moderate comments. I assume you write to get your thoughts out and express your opinion. If so it's only fair to take the feedback, no matter whether it appeals to you or not.

Superfrankenstein said...

Believe me, Gary, I like feedback & I'm always curious about what people think of this place. But being harassed? Not as appealing.