Monday, February 13, 2006

The Winner:

The runner-up:


Cole Moore Odell said...

Check out the Dick Cheney/Jonah Hex connection here:

"crusher" said...

I think Dick Cheney thought his hunting pal was a human-animal hybrid

Superfrankenstein said...

If the victim was indeed a human-animal hybrid, then Cheney did exactly the right thing.

El Duque said...


Lay off the Vice President. He feels terrible about what happened. Have you ever shot somebody? It's no fun. I guess you must oh-so PERRRRFECT. Well, I got news for you, buddyboy: Nobody's perfect, except Jesus. And he's dead. Physically. Not spiritually. Jesus lives forever in people's hearts. He didn't like what you said about Cheney. Be glad He won't shoot you. They are laughing in the Kremlin tonight.

Buffer said...

If Bush and Chenney were super geniuses and this was news misdirection to make the proliterate concentrate on much ado about nothing then Chenney either shot this guy on purpose of he volunteered for the good of the country to grease the Bush Administration.