Monday, September 25, 2006

Outlaw Nation (fiction)


Go here for a juicy preview of fellow Monster Force-er Jamie Delano's OUTLAW NATION, now collected in one giant volume. I was the commissioning editor on this book, back several lives ago, and it's great stuff. Goran Sudzuka's art looks sharp and expressive in black and white, and the price is rock bottom -- it works out to less than a dollar an issue. NATION was always meant to be read in big chunks, and this is about as big as chunks get. Git it!


Jamie said...

Ah, my flawed epic rides again.

Thanks for that, Stuart - just the image I needed to cheer me up after a night of ugly "bad-beats".

Online poker. Don't do it, kids. Worse than fucking crack.

Stuart Moore said...

My pleasure. And sometimes, the flaws are the best part...

Online poker? Brr. Reminds me of what Jon Stewart asked The Rock about the "DOOM" movie. Paraphrasing from memory: "How true is this film to the experience of the game? For instance: Can you watch it for 26 hours straight and walk out hating yourself?"

mekasidnipuatier said...

Great news! I followed this serie when It came out and I think It's really good. So sad It had to end so abruptly. The same with The Minx.

Mr. Delano is a great writer. Hope he gets new opportunities to develop his ideas.