Saturday, September 02, 2006


While the internet rages with rumors that Paramount is planning to update the CGI on episodes of the original STAR TREK, you can still get the old-school effect by propping up a copy of STAR TREK: CONSTELLATIONS in front of a 12" black-and-white TV and banging the table to simulate bad reception.

This new anthology celebrates forty years of the original series with all-new prose stories plus a comics piece from Tokyopop's STAR TREK manga volume. My own contribution, "Chaotic Response," is a Kirk/Spock/McCoy story like they usedta, with one twist: I may be wrong about this, but I believe it's the first Spock story to ever incorporate actual logic theory into the plot. I was initially hampered by the fact that there's a big gaping hole in my brain labelled "logic theory." But where Kirk and Spock had the giant research planet Memory Alpha, I have Wikipedia and the New York Public Library. So it's all good (I hope).

F.O.M.F. (Friend of Monster Force) Bob Greenberger also has a story in CONSTELLATIONS. On his blog, Bob reports that the book has already gone back to press before publication. That makes us winners. You want to hang with winners, don't you?

STAR TREK: CONSTELLATIONS will be released next week.


Anonymous said...

The CGI-enhanced Star Trek isn't a "rumor" -- it's already on schedule to start airing in about a week in the US. Check your local listings. The first episode is Balance of Terror.

jim treacher said...

Everybody's complaining about the CGI, but I for one don't think the changes they're making are extensive enough.