Thursday, September 28, 2006


Results of the Superfrankenstein/CBS poll, "Who's the Man?"

Congratulations President Chávez! And President Bush: I thought you might lose this one, but a goose egg? Awful.


Anonymous said...

Is anybody else worried about Spysmasher? If he's not responding to this level of provocation I fear the worst.

Tex Lebeauf

Superfrankenstein said...

He seemed to run away around the time Jamie showed up.

el duque said...

Monster Force,

The poll is inconsequential. Having clinched, Bush is resting up for the post-season.

The George Bush you saw lose to Chavez last week is not the George Bush you'll see in October.

Jamie said...

Spysmasher? The rumour is that he's been renditioned to a secret underground Monster Force correctional facility somewhere in Antarctica.

Monster Force cannot of course confirm or deny this. Be assured, however, that the right of all Monster Force detainees to be tormented in an environmentally sympathetic fashion will be strictly upheld.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously considering moving to Venezuela in a couple of years. What's happening in the U.S. is more terrifying than anything Jamie can write about. Respectfully written.

bubba g. russo said...

Torn between his loyalties to an inherently corrupt, repressive, and failing regime, and cheap gas for his SUV, the Sty Splasher has booked a one way trip to Venezuela for the twenty acres and a mule promised by Chavez. Even as we speak, he is learning conversational Spanish from Charo whilst undermining the OPEC-run oil establishment by "buying (Latin) American."
How the mighty have fallen.