Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sugar Bush Squirrel Is Running For President

As longtime Superfrankenstein readers remember, Floridian Kelly Foxton poses her pet squirrel in tableaus meant to cheer the Coalition on to victory. She's the Anti-Banksy, pouring work out as current events demand. The front page of her big, fat site now shows the squirrel being born into the Japanese royal family; impersonating The Crocodile Hunter and JonBenet Ramsey (no shit); killing ar-Zarqawi; being born to Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise; pitching a no-hitter for the Florida Marins; threatening the life of Kim Jong-il; and declaring for the highest office in the land. The Presidential stench of Satanic sulfur just got adorable!


JKersey Shore said...

Kelly Foxton?

Wasn't she the blonde who married Robert Blake and died from gunshot wounds under mysterious circumstances?

Anyway, I won't be voting for Sugar Bush. We've already had 6 years with the squirreliest of presidents. Not to mention the nuts he gathered for his administration.

mary matalin gisher said...

sugar bush has my vote. s.b. can't be any nuttier than what we have now.
rev says hi and glad to see things are going well.