Friday, October 27, 2006

Democrat Smackdown

Warning #1: I'm going to ratchet up the political stuff a little over the next week and a half. Warning #2: I've never posted YouTube links before. Fingers crossed.

The Republicans have been running a deliberately racist campaign against Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee. Here's the attack ad painting him (wholly without grounds) as an uppity whoremonger:

The ad was placed by the Republican National Committee. Bob Corker, Ford's opponent, immediately distanced himself from it -- while running a radio ad where jungle drums came up behind the mentions of Ford's name.

This is exactly what the Republican party is about these days, and it's got to be fought head-on. So Harold Ford did:

The above courtesy the essential Talking Points Memo.

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Superfrankenstein said...

Sure, it sounds awful, but maybe we should let Canada handle North Korea.