Saturday, October 07, 2006


They get eliminated every year, but never in exciting contests with lots of crazy reversals back and forth. No, they always spend the whole elimination game slouching at the plate like idiots with droopy bats and tense expressions and you know by the second inning it's over.

Fuck the fucking Yankees fuck.


dork said...

will you please add K-rod to the "biggest asshole of the year pole" ?

pretty please ??

dork said...

damn, i'm so upset i spelled poll wrong.
add me too!

Elayne said...

The sheer level of vitriol against the Yankees never ceases to amaze me. I could understand it in the days when Steinbrenner was much more visible, and I have little use for either Brian Cashman or the sycophantic broadcasters on YES, but I like the team itself. I like Torre and think he's done an amazing job; I love the kids like Cano and Cabrera that they've brought up through their farm system, and yes, Jeter and A-Rod and Godzilla and The Parasite (my nickname for Giambi) and the others are highly paid but I can't really fault them for that.

I'm a New Yorker. I follow the Yankees and the Mets. I do lean a bit toward the Mets, but that's the 1973 and 1986 versions because they were the right teams in the right times in my life. I love the Mets this year, though. And I like the Yanks too. So I'm delighted the Mets are advancing and disappointed the Yankees aren't.

el duque said...

If I am ever within 15 feet of Alex Rodriguez, the man will learn to wish that he never even heard the word "Yankees."

Jim Chadwick said...

Tom you hit it dead on. They don't even lose with class. When they get knocked out, they do so with embarrassing meekness. After they lost game three, I didn't even bother to watch game four because I knew they would just give up. It was just like that devastating loss to the Red Sox two years ago. After they failed to put them away in four, you just got the feeling that the series was over, even though the Yankees were still up three to one. Unlike the late 90s teams, they have no fire in the belly. They expect to win, but when it becomes a challenge instead, they just give up. And while I have never been a fan of the "fire the manager" approach, as much as I love Joe Torre and as much as i am grateful for what he has accomplished, it may actually be time for a change. The don't need an easy going, player friendly hand at the helm anymore. They need someone who will kick some butt and shake things up.

el duque said...

Blow up the team bus. That's the solution. Sky high. Why couldn't Mohammed Atta have been a Yankee fan instead of an Islamic nutcase? We need him now. Blow them up.

Peter said...

$200 Million sure doesn't buy what it used to.

Jay Sherman: "How do you sleep at night?"

Rainier Wolfcastle: "On a big pile of money, with many beautiful women..."