Saturday, October 21, 2006

Two Lousy Pages

I write two whole pages of political content in FIRESTORM #30...and I wind up in the middle of this.

It's my own fault.

Vote Democratic so I don't have to do this anymore.


Superfrankenstein said...

I like how he quotes the full text of your post, even though it's right above his. But at least he seems to believe his own bullshit, unlike a certain troll I could name who ran away from here screaming and wetting his troll pants.

Elayne said...

Well, it's really only that Rickshaw guy, isn't it? The kind that makes me glad I no longer frequent message boards. Although it was worth going there just to see the line about the "illegal lesbian" and Dwayne's wonderful smackdown.

Stuart Moore said...

Well, I've gotten other complaints on the boards. One guy complained that I used half the issue to force my political beliefs on him. It's two pages, I swear.

Of course, there's a little more of it next issue (hahaha).

Anonymous said...

Wow. Who knew so many tools were local Firestorm readers?

Hoosier X said...

You don't have to tell ME to vote Democratic. After all, I'm one of the honest, decent people in this country who puts the well-being of his country before the well-being of the wealthy people in the Republican Party.

I mean, WTF is up with these Repug voters? Most of them just quote Limbaugh's talking points and look surprised when you ask them to give any examples of, say, just what Nancy Pelosi did or said that makes her so dangerous.

It's so hard not to treat them with total contempt.

Jamie said...

"Liberals" are supposed to be FAIR and EVEN-HANDED to these election-stealing, crypto-fascist, lying, torturing, war-profiteering reptiles and their dumb-ass supporters...? Gimme a break. The fucks are drowning in the ocean of shit and blood they created as we speak. Get fire-axes. Chop holes in every lifeboat you can find. Don't let them get away with the loot.

jim treacher said...

I liked that the impassioned speech was given by a woman named Firehawk.

The Retropolitan said...

I have a guess, but what's the general, overall political slant of people within the comics industry?

Lord knows Giffen is not a Republican.

Ronald Coleman said...

Damn it, Stu, you've been singing from the same sheet of music since I've known you!

That's a LONG TIME!

Stuart Moore said...

Holy crap, it's Ron Coleman. What can I say? The song may remain the same, but the chorus of bullshit around it has gotten a whole lot louder.

Nice caricature, by the way. Not as handsome as your real self, but it captures something.

Ronald Coleman said...

You're thinking of the much older real self!

I remember at one of those cast parties, Stu, you weren't reconciled to Reagan's election. Me, well... I wasn't old enough to vote.

That long, okay people?

Great to find you in the blogosphere... even if the other pole of it.

I own, by the way.