Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Self-Serving Crap


I've been running around too much to be clever, so here are a few quick promo links.

I'm writing this year's PUNISHER X-MAS SPECIAL for Marvel Knights. It's probably the darkest comic I've ever written, but...heh heh... I gave him a "naughty" list. Art is by CP Smith, who did such an amazing job on our issue of WOLVERINE earlier this year.

And I've got a story in POSTCARDS, a fascinating anthology of short comics pieces all written around genuine, old-time postcards with weird messages on them. I was fortunate enough to snag Michael Gaydos (ALIAS) as my collaborator, and to all of our delight, he did the whole thing in a really striking greywash style. You can see his first page here .

Click and then tell me what you think!

1 comment:

Tom Smith said...

Crikey, that looks a bit good. The last time I saw b+w Gaydos art was on Inferno with Mike Carey but this looks totally different. Very nice.