Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gates Of Hell

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern writes about Rummy's replacement, Robert Gates:

Unless Gates’ years outside the Beltway have wrought major behavioral change, Gates will bend to the wishes of Cheney and Bush and avoid taking stands on principle... Those of us who had a front-row seat to watch Gates’ handling of substantive intelligence can hardly forget the manner in which he cooked it to the recipe of whomever he reported to.
The Cheney-Gates Cabal


Peter said...

Also worth noting is that during his tenure at the CIA, he was a major backer of Osama bin Laden's Mujadeen in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan.

Elayne said...

On the other hand, he told a fellow A&M faculty member that he hated Bush and this stupid war with a passion, so that might be a positive despite his shady past.

el duque said...

He's an Aggie.

You gotta love an Aggie.

Wooh,go Aggies!