Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tony Robbins And The Power To Change

realrobbins Clearly, we're now Beer and Meat; inspiration Stuart's. Plus, Superfrankenstein and the Monster Force takes too long to type. Plus, this isn't the 80s, and we're not on TBS.

We have a new member, Lauren from Boston, one of my longest-running and most patient friends. She's never written comics, but she knows her Kitty Pryde from her Ororo. Plus, she's as unreasonable an extremist as anyone who's ever blogged here. Sadly for Lauren, she'll fit right in. Please welcome her.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be "Chardonnay and Tofu," you dirty pinko?

el duque said...

Beer, Meat:

I am not comfortable with your new title.

Who is "beer" and who is "meat?"

Are the men "beer?" That means you're calling the woman "meat." This is awful.

Are the men, then, "meat?" Yeah, don't you wish.

You need less sexually explicit identities, or you'll deeply offend the mass audience you wish to draw.

How about BeerFrankenstein and Monster Meat?

Blind Robin said...

Duque is on to something. How about
BeerFrankenstein and mirth?

The Retropolitan said...

I'll miss Superfrankenstein. On the other hand, who doesn't love beer and meat?