Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Retirement, Rummy

There are few things that bring satisfaction,
Like joy for a job that's complete.
When you look up and see that it's finished
And you get up and stand on your feet.

You look over the task that you've worked on,
And reflect on the struggles it held
You feel like an axe-wielding woodsman,
Staring at the great tree he just felled.

It must be that way on completion
Of a grand and substantial career.
You can look back at so many victories,
Spanning over so many long years.

Think of all of the times you succeeded,
In making a sale you thought lost.
And how much it made your pride soar,
When you gave the good news to your boss.

It was from your good example
That I took leave of some of my fear
And entered the wide world of selling
Which has proved to be a great career!

I'm inspired to know of your endurance
Keeping at this for thirty three years
Your persona must be quite magnetic
To get through to so many ears!

In some ways this event is prophetic
A harbinger of things to come
Though if I managed to reach that point too
I might get there feeling very numb!

Our company loses a weapon
Against which there is no sure defense
For when you work your magic upon them
They give up all their dollars and cents!

Companies can create the best products
And at everything else be quite grand
But without a great sales force behind them
They might just as well sit on their hands!

So we're firm in our hearty acceptance
Of all those things you've seen, been and done
And now that your work days are past you
It's time to get out and have some fun!

We expect to hear from Ben and Jerry
And those folks at the Haagen Daz works
For they've heard that you will be retiring
And think ice cream sales will see a big spurt!

No doubt Las Vegas people are happy
That your time for gaming will increase
And the golf course is likewise excited
Thinking that your duffing will not cease!

But unlike them we're all feeling sorry
That we'll see you much less than before
But you'll be in our thoughts very often
You're a person that's hard to ignore!

Wishing you all the best!

Happy Retirement!




Anonymous said...

Wow, the news is too good.

bubba g. russo said...

In other news, President Bush later announced that Captain America would become Secretary of I mean, Defense. And the Incredible Hulk was appointed Director of Homeland Security. (That way, the threat level will be permanently reduced to green. Don't you feel safer now?)
Neither of these moves, the President reiterated, had no relation to the results of last night's midterm elections.
Michael Chertoff could not be reached for comment.

Anonymous said...

And where, oh where dear God is Spysmasher when you need him?