Saturday, November 04, 2006

Has This Ever Happened Before?

• One of the US's leading evangelical ministers admits to buying methampetamines, repeatedly, for his own use, but says he didn't use them; and went to a gay hooker, for a massage, but never had sex with him. (My wife pointed out that, if you watch the video clip, you can see the "tell" when Haggard has to answer the sex question. His eyes do something kind of horrible to watch, like when Clinton was asked on-camera about Monica and the cigar.)

• As part of a propaganda attempt to retroactively justify the Iraq War, the administration unwittingly posts instructions for building an atomic bomb on a government website. In Arabic.

And now...

A joint editorial in the Army Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times and Marine Corps Times demands the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, the sitting secretary of defense.

You know, the political corruption, the Abramoff scandals, the Iraq chaos, I expected all of that. But where's all this crazy GOP sex stuff coming from all of a sudden? It shows a lot about the lies their leaders tell them.

Thanks to Digby.


el duque said...

Reverend Ted,
Pro-life, not death,
Prays for head,
And crystal meth.

Reverend Ted
In the lions' den,
Humps in bed
His stud. Amen.

Blind Robin said...

Pastor Ted,
His lover said,
likes his crank,
when we're in bed.

Blind Robin said...

I'm innocent!
is what we hear,
but to me the story's,
crystal queer.

Peter said...

Can we assume that Rep. Hoekstra will be put to death now, like the Rosenbergs?

And can we assume that Pastor Ted's story will help spike DVD sales of Jesus Camp?

Typical Republican said...

Look Ted was just, uh ...

And Mark Foley was only, uh ...

And the Bush Administration did that because, uh, they were trying to, uh, beat the Dems to it, because, uh ...

I got nothing. Really. I'm voting Republican anyway because Rush say the Democrats will surrender to the terrorists, ban the Bible and force us all into gay marriage.

And John Kerry botched a joke!

bubba g. russo said...

but have the Dems ever swept a majority in the House this big in one election? With NO Democratic incumbents losing their seats? And getting a majority of the Governor's offices nationwide? With a pretty good shot at the Senate, too, when all is said and done?
A glum Sty Splasher must be crying in his MGD with bitter beer face tonight...
but America has spoken, loud and clear. No spinning this one, Fox News! Take that Bill O'Lielly!

PS- I'm surprised and a little disappointed Superfrankenstein isn't at Tryst in DC, where the trendy, upscale bloggers go to spin their views on today's festivities! Did they keep you on the other side of the velvet rope? Stinking elitist bastiches!!