Monday, August 15, 2005

Links Of Fury

Fred Hembeck shares panels from a forgotten comic by the amazing Steve Ditko! (Scroll to August 14th!)

Dial B For Blog posts a new installment of its Top 40 Sickest Comic Book Covers Ever! I have to admit, #18 is pretty messed up!

So is Bad Barbie Bad Ken! [Flickr, Via Greg Burgas!]

Also from Flickr: Jesus at the ATM!

K&K Ministries, the Gospel Mimes!

Elephant Throws Out First Pitch at Michigan ballgame! Her name is Laura, and she threw a strike!

Should you worry if your child likes Batman? Plus: cheap-looking vintage Comic Book Foldees, and Marvel Comics' First Mutant Story (Ditko again!) at Lady, That's My Skull!

Christ, That Dog's Big!


Spaceman said...

Peyer, you suck.

Superfrankenstein said...

Suck my balls, Spaceman.