Friday, September 09, 2005

Brilliant: FEMA Director Michael Brown Has A Wife and Bruce Wayne Kept a Shame Journal, at Pete Rose Haircut! [Via Metafilter]


STFU said...

Oh quit your whining, liberal pond scum comic book boy! I'm sick and tired of your mewling, puking pablum sucking "see, I TOLD you the President was bad" garbage.

Listen, anytime you don't like things here in this country, you can just move back to where you came from, or better still, how about moving to France, where all the rest of the sleazy, American hating bastards live.

Peyer, you suck.

If I wasn't so busy, I'd fly to Seattle, hunt you down and cut out your heart with a butter knife. Sure, it will take a little longer, but the pain etched on your face will make it all worthwhile.

Fuck you!

Superfrankenstein said...


phismi said...

Coming here and bitching about Peyer's politics is like going to Fenway Park and bitching about there being a baseball game.

STFU said...

Hey, Phis this, Phismi.

Coming here and bitching about someone coming here and bitching about Peyer's politics is like going to Superfrankenstein and finding that someone dropped a Fenway Park reference when a Yankee Stadium reference would have served just as effectively and wouldn't have sullied the site by invoking the name of the dog-ass Red Sox.

Or something.

So there.


phismi said...

Until the Yankees are in the playoffs (gentle reminder, as of this moment the Yanks are currently behind the double dog-ass Cleveland Indians for the wild card) and until the Yankees and not the Red Sox hold the title of "World Champions" I say "nyaaaah" right back at you.