Friday, September 16, 2005

Holy Christ!

The Christian Crusaders have, as far as I can tell, one member:

Name: The Christian
Superhero Group: Christian Crusaders
Powers: Word of God (Holy Bible), Prayer, Demon Cast, Evil Sense, Holy Ghost Projection
Mission: Christian World Domination
Main Base of Operations: DFW Metroplex (Dallas/Fort Worth)
Check this site out for detailed plans to eradicate evil in Dallas/Fort Worth; a "Real-life Superhero List (in no particular order)" that includes "All USA Presidents;" and, best of all, The Christian's interactions with citizens in distress:
Example Email Plea for Help #1:

Location: China
Date: January 2, 2005
ID: 24, Male, Bus Driver, Non-Christian,

Problem: I have been beaten by violent gang members the past five weeks while going home after my shift. I make barely enough to feed my family, and I fear for my youngest, who is very sick. I want to move to America, but I cannot save enough money for such a journey for me and my family.

Solution: I will pray for you. Also, I urge you and your family to become Christian as soon as possible.
[Via Superhuman]

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