Tuesday, September 27, 2005


CHIEF: Max, you'll be confined by the tubes of a respirator; locked in a painful, escalating struggle for every breath; at the mercy of exhausted, underpaid hospital employees for even the most basic necessities; deprived of all modesty and dignity; yearning for the only relief you can ever hope to have, that of eternal oblivion...

MAX: ...And loving it!


STFU said...

Have they moved any recent Barbara Feldon photos yet? Man, she was hot.

Sleestak said...

Would you believe..that was incredibly innappropriate but also funnier than hell.

el duque said...

Three weeks ago, Gilligan.
Now, Maxwell Smart.

Hogan, dead.
Archie Bunker, dead.
Darren Stevens, dead.
Uncle Martin, dead.

Think Barney Miller is sleeping well tonight?

Anonymous said...

Both Darrin Stevenes, dead.

Johnny B said...

Sgt. Carter, dead.
Mr. Mooney, dead.
Milburn Drysdale, dead.

I'm tearing up.

Superfrankenstein said...

Sergeant O'Rourke, dead.
Corporal Agarn ALIVE!

Anonymous said...